Mr. & Mrs. Pillpopper, today’s all-American Family

Coming from Europe, America is the country of FAST everything: fast food, fast fix, fast buck (casinos, Wall Street), fast cars, fast communications (cell phone, twitter, facebook etc.) fast shows…even Fast and Furious! Is this stemming from the American business adage: “Time is Money” or is more a byproduct of the immediate gratification need with its corollary of laziness and gimme attitude? Both are not very sanitary for society in general.

They eventually lead to a product like Exercise in a Bottle which hit the market a few years ago. You cannot get a better short-cut than this. It is not just disingenuous but also anti-physiological yet it did sell and probably still is.

Pill-popping is indeed quite epidemic in this country, as compared to the rest of the world. Even those who are not taking any medications manage to pop a couple of dozen vitamin pills a day. It is the fast fix mentality. There is a pill for just about everything, even lengthening one’s penis (at least the Faraos used weights for traction!). Often pills are taken to obliterate the side-effect of another pill, like anti-acids with anti-inflammatory medications or those quinquagenerians on testosterone need often to also take Arimidex (breast cancer pill that inhibits estrogen) to inhibit conversion of some of this testosterone into estrogen.

It is a thriving market. Pill-popping would probably be inocuous if it was not for the addictive quality of a number of these pills and the criminality related to them, i.e. narcotics, soporifics, hallucinogens, anxiolytics, antidepressants, etc.

Whether it is from a doctor, a dentist, or from a “friend of a friend”, Mr. & Mrs. Pillpopper usually have an assortment of these addictive drugs stowed in their medicine cabinet at home. Pillpopper Junior gets a hold of them and brag to his friends. They do the same and soon a PHARM-PARTY (nothing to do with agriculture) gets organized where all the juniors dump in a large bowl their pill-catch of the day and they mix it up and sample nonchalantly. Best thing about it is that it costs nothing and it was prescribed by a doctor…how can it be bad for you? These pills are hard to swallow so they are often downed with the available alcohol (never mind the red label warning. The detailed label printed by the pharmacist had long divorced its contents).

My travels have been taking me around the world lately, especially Lebanon, Armenia, Dubai. I get to give second opinions and see some patients. I was struck by the total absence of narcotics in these markets? Aren’t these patients also human? Don’t they feel pain? How do they manage all over this wide world without narcotics? How is it possible? Looking around in these countries, I did not see people contorting in pain crawling on the streets, so what is happening in America? We are definitely a fast-relief and addiction-ridden society that consumes 70% of the prescribed narcotics in the world.

Sad reality that does not rime with courage and steadfastness. Where are our heroes of World War I and II? Mark my words: This epidemic will be America’s downfall if not eradicated. This is one reason I am voting for Donald Trump who is much more likely to reign on the poisonous Big Pharma. He will also build a wall and that will stem the flow of the non-prescribed drugs.

This is factual although satyrical and borderline comical if it was not so tragic. I heard several times now about the dumbing of society starting by the younger generation. That would undoubtedly translate into dumb voting, and the progressives do not mind it one bit.

I am sure pill-popping has a lot to do with it along with increased obesity, lack of exercise, texting (with its uncanny abreviations), e-communications and iclouds. But look at the bright side: we maybe inventing a pill soon enough to reverse all this. Wouldn’t that be cool? An anti-dumbing pill would even rival “Exercise in a bottle”.

A pill for this, a pill for that, bye effort, bye thriving. I see a true pill-grimm world and a pill-fered future for our youth


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